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Renovation Loan

The importance of having a place to call home is a vital one in the life of every individual, even more so in ensuring that your home is a sanctuary that lives up to your expectations and has the ability to provide you with a sense of security, comfort and peacefulness. The key to accomplishing this lies in the decisions you make while turning those empty rooms and barren walls into what you envisioned it to be. However, renovation costs do not come cheap and can be legitimately taxing on your finances. At Majestic Credit we understand the importance of what home means to you, which is why we have the added service of a Renovation Loan for you to turn your empty house, into a dream home. With a simple application process and affordable repayment plans with a tenure of up to 36 months, achieving your ideal sanctuary is no longer beyond your reach.

  • Turn your aspirations for a dream home into a reality.

  • No credit score checks.

  • Flexible repayment tenure of up to 36 months.

  • Attractive interest rate.

  • Easy to apply & quick to approve.

  • Create your dream sanctuary without the strain of a financial shortfall.