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Your Aspiration, Our Inspiration

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  • To establish ourselves as one of the foremost credible finance companies in the region.

  • To provide a high standard of service excellence in the finance industry.

  • To constantly keep ourselves upgraded and work towards the prosperity of our company’s reputation in the industry in order to provide our clientele with the opportunities to reap maximum benefits from our assistance.


  • To encourage clients from all walks of life to forge a strong partnership with us so that we can assist them in maximizing the potential of aspirations to its peak.

  • To provide all our clients, regardless of their socio-economic factors, with the highest standards of quality and reliable consultations and services.

  • To recruit, nurture and develop dedicated, efficient and reliable employees within or organization, thereby leading to our clients receiving a high quality of services as well as assisting the company achieve greater success on a consistent basis.

About Us

Majestic Credit Pte Ltd is a Financial and Credit Company based in Singapore with an unyielding ambition to push ourselves to become one of the most established and leading enterprise in our industry. Our infrastructure has been built upon an unwavering and stable financial core along with an experienced and dedicated team of financial advisors, thereby giving us the potential to help you in your business and personal needs through a variety of plausible solutions, while ensuring a high level of quality and reliability in our services.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a swift and effective access to cash in their time of peril and to assist them with the best course of actions they can undertake with us to overcome their financial apprehensions. Our highly experienced and skilled team of financial advisors specialize in tailoring the most suitable and flexible loan proposals for you while ensuring that your needs are met in the most efficient way. Be it to tide over personal difficulties, expand your thriving enterprise or to turn your aspiring business dreams into a reality, Majestic Credit has the capability to provide you with the support and assistance that you require for a steadfast financial foundation upon which you can build your success upon.

At Majestic Credit, we implement strong business strategies to push our enterprise to always be at the peak of it performance levels. We believe that having a proven set of strategies can be the base for a lifetime of success in any venture that we undertake.

Our Strategies


Equality in Quality

We believe in providing an equal level of quality assistance and service to all our clients regardless of their demographic, socioeconomics or business industry. At Majestic Credit, we always aim to offer the best of our services to everyone that requires our assistance.


Constant Improvement

We believe that one should never rest on his laurels after a spell of success, which is why we are always looking for new ways to innovate ourselves and build on the successes of our past for an even greater and more beneficial future. At Majestic Credit, the word “enough” is never an option for us. Our belief is that, through every successful venture, a stepping stone for an even greater venture has been uncovered.


Strong & Credible Partnerships

At Majestic Credit, we believe in forging long-term business relationships with our clients for a prosperous mutual benefit in the long run. We build our relationships with our clients based upon the values of honesty, integrity and credibility. We strongly feel that forging a long-term business relationship with our clients will enhance the credibility of our value in the industry.


Clientele Focus

Majestic Credit’s foremost priority is to serve our customers’ needs with the best options available to them. We make it a point to offer our clients a variety of viable solutions to help them meet their needs and to structure a flexible proposal for them, thereby providing them the maximum assistance that they may need with a minimal amount of strain on their liquidity.


Technological Advances

At Majestic Credit, we dedicate the utmost level of importance to technology in enabling us to carry out our operations in the most effective and quickest way possible. We are constantly sourcing for new innovations to upgrade our resources to ensure that we are always prepared for the ever changing needs of today’s society, thereby giving us the ability to cater to our clients in the most advanced and efficient way possible.

Our Core Values

A set of Core Values is a crucial guide for any organization to build its foundation of success upon. At Majestic Credit, we believe that every employee within our corporation should be instilled with these values in order to work harmoniously towards the common goal of playing their role in the prosperity of the company. Along with our core values, we believe in the importance of remembering our vision and mission in order to constantly remind ourselves to put our best foot forward for the better of the organization. 


Trust and integrity are not just values, but rather virtues that every individual should have within them.


It is easy for any number of organizations to provide a similar service. However, it is the level and quality of client satisfaction that truly sets them apart from each other in the corporate rankings.


At Majestic Credit, we do not believe in the word "impossible". We believe that innovation and creativity is key to a successful enterprise.


We believe in prioritizing our client's needs with the utmost importance by listening to their opinions, valuing their feedback and empathizing with their needs.

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