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Stability Through Your Uncertainty

Lifestyle Loans

Your unique lifestyle says a lot about who you are. Your unparalleled tastes, distinct preferences. Maybe you would like to take a well-deserved luxury holiday, add a pool to your backyard, or get that shiny, new dream car. 

Life-changing moments deserve to be built and begun on a bedrock foundation of finance. This is why at Majestic Credit we understand the importance of the milestones you attain in life. With our carefully tailored lifestyle facilities for Weddings, Renovations, and Vehicles, you can now be assured that the important moments in life can now be fulfilled without any hesitance.

Are there any different criteria for Lifestyle Loans?

Lifestyle loans vary in nature as opposed to typical loans. Therefore, additional documentation to support your cause such as the certificate of marriage or vehicular invoices or proof of residential purchase may be required to expedite your respective applications. Applying with your spouse will also require you to submit a combined proof of income to maximize your borrowing limitations.

To request a loan, please submit your details here and rest assured that your online application would get processed as soon as possible. 

Borrow up to 4X of your salary

Short-term/pay day repayment dates

Fixed and low interest rates

Flexible loan structures

High approval rate

Swift and efficient

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What is the loan Process?


Fill up loan application


Verify borrower's employment


Review borrower's credit report


Submit any additional documents if needed


Allow underwriter to approve or deny loan request

Sample Representation on how the Repayment are Calculated

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