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Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) can prove to be the crucial factor that you require to further develop your current operations, amplify your inventory, renew your waning machinery or revamp your outlet’s interior with a fresh concept to sustain the strength of your customer base, MCA offers you the opportunity to gain access to an easy and hassle free way to having the support of added funds to pursue your ambitions , all by leveraging your future earnings without the need to take up a loan.

At Majestic Credit, we understand how vital having a strong capital and reliable financial foundation is for every business. This is why we have included the service of MCA within our ranks to better cater to your needs. Taking up a MCA gives you the flexibility of pursuing your current ambitions without having the need to constantly worry about a shortfall in liquidity, by essentially turning your future credit card profits into today’s spendable cash. Selling us your future credit card earnings allows us to give you the financial support you need today. What’s more, we get paid only when you get paid because you have the luxury of repaying in accordance to how your business sales volume varies. An easy and effective way for every business out there that wishes to upgrade itself without the worry of incurring more financial strain. Flexible financing and repayment offered to you today, so that you can turn the dreams you have for your business, into a reality.

If you need to release cash tied up in unpaid invoices, Majestic Credit can provide a fast and effective solution tailored to your exact business needs. We provide cashflow Invoice Factoring finance for a wide range of businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, transport firms, employment agencies and providers of business services.

  • Cash advance up to 4X of monthly card sales

  • Available to new & small businesses

  • Minimal documentation

  • Freedom to use funds as you wish

  • Unlike traditional bank loans, this is a ‘sale of receivables’ transaction so your business enjoys improved cash flow without debt or revolving interest

  • No the need for collateral

  • No credit reporting so no impact on your credit profile

  • A pre-determined percentage of your daily card sales automatically

  • Flexible and hassle-free repayment terms – no fixed or minimum monthly installments