Business Loan

At Majestic Credit, we make it a point to understand the ever constant needs of every business enterprise. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to turn your ideas into profits, or an established businessman seeking to expand your company’s empire, we offer business loans that can be structured around your needs to ensure that the financial support you require for your enterprise will be dependable and strong.

From acquiring new premises, work materials, or simply to further invest in an already thriving product, our business loans will give you the maximum backing that you need to go out there and bring your ideas to life with the support of a steadfast and solid financial foundation.

Depending on the aspects and requirements of your business, we are more than capable of tailoring a business loan that fits within your financial proximities. Repayments can be planned over a tenure of months or even years depending on a timeline that best caters to your needs. Furthermore, at Majestic Credit we provide an unsecured loan service, thereby absorbing the worry of having to put up your company’s assets or documents as collateral against our business loan from you.

How Business Loan works
  • Attractive interest rates.

  • Loan up to 1 million dollar.

  • Fixed monthly repayment schedule to provide you with financial stability.

  • Opportunity to expand or invest in your enterprise’s growth.

  • Flexible and custom tailored financial plans to suit your needs in the best way possible.

  • Short-term to long-term repayment tenures.

  • Sizeable loan amounts for approval.

  • Easy to apply.

  • High approval rate.

  • Maximize the potential of your business and bring it to its peak.