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Auto-Mobile Loan

Owning a vehicle as opposed to public transportation can save a significant amount of cost for an individual’s personal or business expenses. However, the cost of realizing that desire can often prove to be an expensive and financially burdening one. At Majestic Credit we understand your needs, which is why along with our other services we offer the service of an Auto-Mobile Loan as well.

With a Auto-Mobile Loan, we provide you with the capital needed to purchase the vehicle first following which you will make instalment purchase payments over a pre-fixed duration of time. As opposed to purchasing a vehicle with a one-off purchase, which can be extremely denting on your finances, taking up our Hire Purchase Loan will give you the flexibility and ease of mind of owning a vehicle first and not having to worry about losing a large sum of liquidity all at once but rather repaying the capital sum over a carefully tailored loan agreement suited to your level of comfort and affordability.

  • Available on most vehicles

  • Up to 90% of the value available for financing

  • Allows companies to control and deploy assets without significant drain on working capital

  • Allows you to spread out the payments for an asset into the future instead of paying for it at the point of acquisition

  • Gain control and deploy assets without significant drain on your working capital

  • Make a profit: purchase a vehicle on a hire purchase basis and sell to the buyer charging full price

  • Makes budgeting easier as you have a clear sight of future expenditure

  • Lowers the risk of the vehicle’s value depreciating quickly

  • Full ownership of the vehicle is transferred to you upon full payment