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Personal Loans

Having to balance your personal needs along with family or financial commitments with a limited salary can often be a daunting task to live up to on a constant basis. Especially when an important or emergency need for extra funds arises, trying to cope with everything under a limited budget can truly be a struggle. This is why Majestic Credit provides you with a variety of carefully structured personal loans according to your suitability to help you fulfil your needs and to have a peaceful mind.

Our personal loan services have been customized into 3 different categories in order to give you the choice of choosing the one that best suits your liquidity level.

Short Term

Take up a short term loan with us today to help you tide over your predicaments & only pay us back when you get your pay.



With fixed interests & customized repayment plans, fulfilling your aspirations can now be a possibility with our well structured and flexible monthly loans.



We ease your burdens by collating all your loans into a single monthly repayment package with a lower interest rate designed to help you overcome each month with a minimal amount of stress and pressure.