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Invoice Factoring

Here at Majestic Credit, we understand that as an ambitious entrepreneur, you may at times find yourself with the desire to undertake several projects simultaneously in order to boost the production or revenue of your business. However, such an ambition may often be hindered by the lack of capital or dependence on a potential invoice that has yet to be cleared for an on-going project or order. It is under circumstances such as this, that an Invoice Factoring loan will play a crucial role in enabling you to move forward without anything holding you back.

An Invoice Factoring Loan, allows you to sell your billed but unpaid invoices to us at a pro-rated fee, thereby allowing you to free up the pending accounts quickly and provide your business with an advanced cash flow injection. Such a form of funding would be ideal for SME businesses that operate in the wholesale as well as supply and manufacturing industries. With an Invoice Factoring Loan, we have the capability to provide you with the capital to commence on new orders and projects without having the strain of waiting on your pending orders to pay up. Furthermore, contrary to ordinary bank loans, our Invoice Factoring Loan focuses on the financial stability of your clients rather than the finances of your enterprise, making the possibility of obtaining this loan a much more plausible option for you.

Majestic Credit’s Invoice Factoring Loan gives you an abundance of benefits: such as an improved cash flow for your industrious business proposals and the ability to proceed on more projects without having to worry about sufficient capital. With a greater cash injection compared to bank overdraft loans and a high rate of up to 92% of your approved invoices taken into eligibility for the loan, along with an easy application process, fast approval and 100% confidentiality assured, our Invoice Factoring Loan aims to help you maximize the production and potential of all your business needs and aspirations.

If you need to release cash tied up in unpaid invoices, Majestic Credit can provide a fast and effective solution tailored to your exact business needs. We provide cashflow Invoice Factoring finance for a wide range of businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, transport firms, employment agencies and providers of business services.

  • Quick access to funds owed to you by your customers

  • Up to 92% of the value of your approved invoices advanced to you

  • The invoices act as both the security and source of repayments

  • Our expert credit team look after the collection management payments so you have more time to focus on managing your business

  • Useful option for small businesses that don’t have a finance team in-house, particularly if you have customers who may not pay invoices on time.

  • Usually a greater cash injection compared to bank overdraft loans

  • We can take on the risk of non-payment by your debtors

  • Full confidentiality